Nations at Pentecost

Acts 2:1-41 Soon after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to heaven, Jews from all over the world came to the Temple in Jerusalem to celebrate the festival of Pentecost. It was during this pivotal gathering that the Holy Spirit first came upon believers in a very visible way, and Peter preached a message that led 3,000 […]

The Kingdoms of Saul, David, and Solomon

When Israel first settled in Canaan, they operated as a coalition of twelve tribes with no single ruler, though from time to time local leaders would rise up as needed to face certain threats (Judges 2-16). Beginning with Saul, however, the twelve tribes of Israel united under a single king in order to be more […]

The Battle at Elah

1 Samuel 17 When the Philistines prepared for battle near the strategically located Valley of Elah, the Israelites assembled on the other side of the valley to face them. After the Philistines’ champion Goliath had challenged the Israelites for forty days to select a champion to fight him, young David, who had already been anointed […]

David Flees from Saul

(Numbered events in narrative correspond to numbered events on maps.) 1) After David defeated Goliath and came to serve Saul at the royal court in Gibeah, he continued to demonstrate himself as an able commander and grew in favor with the people, and he developed a deep friendship with Saul’s son Jonathan. At the same […]