Jesus’ Final Journey to Jerusalem

Much like the difficulties of discerning the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land (see here), the task of reconciling the four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem into one coherent itinerary has proven very challenging for Bible scholars. As with many other events during Jesus’ ministry, the accounts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke […]

Table of Nations: Japheth’s Descendants

Genesis 10 The descendants of Noah’s son Japheth are listed in what is commonly called the Table of Nations, the Israelites’ oldest catalog of the peoples of the ancient Near East. While it is difficult to identify with certainty where many of these peoples lived, generally they are believed to have been located as shown […]


Just as it is important to understand where Bible events took place, it is also critically important to understand when Bible events took place. Numerous historical events worked together to form the backdrop for each passage of Scripture, and even geography itself changed over time (for example, the continual silting of the Cayster River, which […]

The World of the Bible

It is common for people today to caricature the biblical writers as having a very limited view of the world and thus a very limited perspective on life. The truth is, however, the writers of Scripture were familiar with a very expansive world–shown here–that stretched over 3000 miles from end to end. Most of the […]