Bible Mapper WebViewer Info


This quick reference online Bible mapping tool lets you navigate around a blank map of the biblical world and select Bible places to add to the map. Using the Text Mapper tool , you can also type in a Bible reference (like Joshua 11-12), and it will automatically fetch the passage behind the scenes and map as many of the locations as it can find in that passage, or you can paste in a URL to another site, and it will map any biblical locations it finds on that site. Clicking on the "Clear" button will remove all locations and boundaries that were added to your map.

A handy distance calculator also allows you to select two locations, and it will measure the distance between them.

Be aware that it can take several seconds to load terrain tiles or places, so give it a few seconds after you enter a place name, reference, or URL, and then try dragging the terrain to see if it refreshes with the new data.