Bible Mapper Release Notes

Bible Mapper 5.1 (Latest Version): Release Notes


  • Fixed faulty URL for Get Satellite Map (Google Maps) feature
  • Fixed occasionally faulty Select Object feature
  • Fixed issue of custom objects becoming warped if path points fell too far outside map frame

  • Custom styles can be created from standard objects or custom objects
  • Maps can be directly exported to various formats, including PNG, JPEG, and BMP
  • Images with transparency (e.g., PNG, JPEG) can be overlayed on maps using a Comment object
  • Map projection can be customized or automatically optimized based on frame or current screen bounds
  • Rectangles and ellipses can be used for Set as Frame
  • To speed up rendering, Terrain Viewing Resolution and Crop Texturization to Frame can be quickly toggled using new buttons on toolbar
  • Custom style names are now listed in alphabetical order in dropdown selectors
  • Online help tutorials ( can be launched from Bible Mapper software