PassageBrowser and MapFinder

PassageBrowser is a newly released tool by Bible Mapper that makes it even easier to find Bible Mapper Blog maps related to a particular passage of Scripture. With PassageBrowser you can enter a Bible reference and it will display the Scripture text alongside all relevant Bible Mapper Blog maps. You can select from multiple translations (currently ESV and NLT) to display the Bible text, and the relevant maps are collected by the MapFinder module in the right margin. You can also open the MapFinder module in a separate tab by clicking on the MapFinder header, and it will retrieve maps without displaying the accompanying Bible text. You can even preload a reference into PassageBrowser or MapFinder by appending ?ref=[your Bible reference] to the URL of your browser (e.g., 10-11). To get to PassageBrowser, enter a Bible reference into the search box at the top of the Bible Mapper Blog. The search box is already configured to utilize PassageBrowser if it detects that the search string entered is a Bible reference.