Just as it is important to understand where Bible events took place, it is also critically important to understand when Bible events took place. Numerous historical events worked together to form the backdrop for each passage of Scripture, and even geography itself changed over time (for example, the continual silting of the Cayster River, which slowly landlocked Ephesus), and every Bible map is best understood when it is placed within the greater context of Bible history. To this end we have created Bible Mapper TimeGlider, a free, online, scrollable, searchable timeline of Bible events. With a few button clicks you can even generate a hyperlink to display your own custom event on the timeline, and you can embed this link in digital resources (Word documents, web pages, emails, etc.) to show your event within its chronological context. Over time we will add many of the Bible Mapper Blog maps as events on the timeline, and we will also add a hyperlink to TimeGlider next to each blog article to show where it belongs within Bible history.