Paul Travels from Malta to Rome

Acts 27:39-28:16

As Paul was being transferred to Rome to stand trial before Caesar, his ship was driven by a storm until it was wrecked near the small island of Malta. The entire crew was saved, and the people of the island treated them with unusual hospitality. During their time there Paul prayed for many who were sick, and they were healed. Three months after they first arrived on the island Paul was placed on another ship to finish the voyage to Rome. Along the way they stopped at Syracuse and Rhegium and then disembarked at Puteoli to finish the trip to Rome on foot. Some believers there invited them to spend a week with them before continuing on to Rome. In the meantime, other believers in Rome heard that Paul was coming and traveled as far as the Forum of Appius–forty miles away–to escort him the rest of the way to Rome. Once in Rome Paul was put under guard but was allowed to live in his own private lodging for two years as he awaited trial. During that time he he welcomed all who visited him and boldly taught about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

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