The Moabite Alliance Attacks Judah

2 Chronicles 20

After King Ahab of Israel died in 853 B.C., the nation of Moab revolted and reestablished their independence from Israel (2 Kings 1:1), and then they immediately formed an alliance with the Ammonites and the Meunites to attack King Jehoshaphat of Judah. By the time Jehoshaphat was informed of the situation, the alliance had already reached Hazazon-tamar (also called En-gedi). Jehoshaphat prayed to the Lord for help, and the Lord promised to deliver the people of Judah without them even having to fight. All they needed to do was to trust in the Lord and show up for the battle in the desert near Tekoa. Jehoshaphat positioned the Levites at the head of the army to sing praises to the Lord as they marched. As they began to sing, the Lord caused the members of the alliance to begin attacking each other until there was no one left, and the armies of Judah collected a vast amount of plunder from them.

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