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Bible Mapper
Rediscovering the World of the Bible

* We are pleased to announce the release of the first set of Movie Maps!

* Bible Mapper 3 (with all advanced features) continues to remain entirely FREE  (click here to download)

* Bible Mapper 4 (with pre-made maps and improved software) can be used for free, but the advanced features require the purchase of a key (click here to download)

Bible Mapper is a fully interactive, highly accurate Bible mapping system that helps you quickly and easily create customized maps of the Holy Lands or study a particular period and aspect of Bible history. With Bible Mapper you can:

+ select the types of standard map objects you want to appear on your map (cities, mountain peaks, rivers, roads, political boundaries, etc.)

+ select terrain imagery (relief and elevation, satellite land cover, etc.) or even load your own

+ select which biblical eras to display (only those cities and boundaries that existed during that period will be displayed)

+ change the color or style of almost any object on your map, including the terrain

+ create your own custom objects (or make a duplicate of a standard object) right on your map, including points, lines, areas, and ellipses, and apply a uniform style to it from a style library

+ place your own photos or other images right on your map and add a caption and arrow

+ texturize your lines or boundary areas, allowing the underlying relief to be combined with it

+ import basic geographic data (points, lines, areas, etc.) created by other software and customize it on your map

+ print, save, or export your map, or copy it to the Windows® clipboard

+ quickly calculate the exact distance of a road, river, or custom line object

+ find a place from biblical times just by clicking on it in the Find box

+ read an encyclopedia article about a biblical place

Bible Mapper is the ideal tool for developing customized maps of Bible lands and researching Bible places.

System Requirements:

+ Windows® 95 or later, 256 MB of RAM, 158 MB of disk space

“I can actually make my own high resolution maps with as few or as many details as I like, for any area of the Bible lands, in any time period at the touch of just a few buttons. The quality of the high resolution relief map background has to be seen to be believed . . . Thanks, David, for making such a great tool available to Bible teachers.”

— Dr. Richard Shawyer (Bible teaching missionary in Africa)


Bible Mapper program and all data copyright © 2005-2010 by David P. Barrett. All rights reserved.


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