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Bible Mapper

Map Development and Research Tool

* Bible Mapper 3 (with all advanced features) remains entirely FREE (see below)

* Bible Mapper 4 (with pre-made maps and improved software) can be used for free, but the advanced features require the purchase of a key (see below)

** Bible Mapper 4 now has localization/multi-language support! We eagerly welcome users to develop a non-English localization file for all standard objects (see Help system) and donate it to us to add to the list of available language options.


Bible Mapper 3 (click here to download installer file)

+ includes Bible Mapper 3 software, 70 MB

+ software is no longer under development

+ software cannot read files from Bible Mapper 4 and later

+ advanced features require (free) registration key; email us at bibmap support3@biblemapper.com to obtain key. (Write the first part of the email address as bibmapsupport3 with no spaces. Our apologies for the extra step of manually modifying the address. We are trying to avoid spam by adding this step.)


Bible Mapper 4 (click here to download installer file)

+ includes latest version of Bible Mapper software, 76 MB

+ includes 35 pre-made maps (as map templates) from the Bible Mapper Atlas Collection

+ features numerous improvements and bug fixes over previous versions

+ software is able to convert all files from earlier versions of Bible Mapper

+ advanced features require purchase of a registration key; click here to purchase key


Bible Mapper program and all data copyright 2005-2010 by David P. Barrett. All rights reserved.


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